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Be the change you seek.

Many feel alarmed at the prospect of the white race dying out to be replaced by people who will impose their own culture and relegate all history of white achievement to oblivion.

Any ethnicity in possession of its natural instincts should have an urge towards self preservation.  There is certainly nothing hateful in this.  In fact, to care nothing for the demise of your own ethnicity is just as hateful as to seek to genocide that of another.  Yet this self-hate seems to consume the white race.

It is incredible to think of the last children being born and growing up not only without a brother or sister, but without any cousins, aunts or uncles.

The extended family is essential to a well adjusted person.  It provides security, identity, a meaning in life, a feeling of belonging,  and being loved.  Without it we are merely rootless, lost individuals, ripe to be exploited by the state, and with no other identity than the superficial identity of a career, a chosen lifestyle, or a sports team we support.

Conspiracy theories suggest that it is in the interest of international finance that populations are weakened in just these ways, and that white nations are repopulated by people who have historically been easier to enslave and make to work in poor conditions for little pay.  Whether or not you consider this situation to have arrived by conspiracy or merely by accident (“idiocy theory” let’s say), the result is clearly a reality.

I would like help from readers to find articles and statistics showing the fall in white birth rates, and proportional increase in non-whites so that viewers of this site can view evidence of the rapid changes occurring.  If nothing happens to alter the present course, our people will become a persecuted minority, blamed for all the exaggerated sins supposedly of our previous generations.   In fact, our own manufactured guilt over how we have behaved as a race in the past is one of the reasons why so many of us are so apologetically giving up on our future.  This is an attitude we must snap out of.  We do deserve to live, and we need feel no guilt over past actions that we disassociate ourselves with anyway.  We are not supremacists.  We just want a chance to have our own society, with consensus as opposed to a tolerance through gritted teeth.   For consensus, you need a society where people agree with each other and share common values and heritage.  Every ethnicity deserves to have this.


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