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For the schoolmaster of the classic novel, ‘Mr Chips’ was an affectionate nickname.

And sadly it seems that’s the only way it will survive.

‘Chips’, once popular in Middlesex and Essex, is one of 200,000 surnames which have disappeared from England and Wales over the past 100 years.

Others said to be extinct –  with fewer than five left on the census – include Woodbead, Rummage and Jarsdel.

Along with the crisis of the disappearance of indigenous Europeans, it is inevitable we will see surnames vanishing through lack of descendants.

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One thing that tends to cross my mind with this issue is that of how we are a somewhat more infantile and less responsible nation.

We are no longer the society we used to be – thanks to a myriad of events, from loss of industrialisation / manufacturing to increased reliance on the state, perversion of society, religion, education, debt money and materialism, the need for two parents to bring in a wage in order to keep a roof over their heads when it only used to require the male of the household to financially provide for a family unit….etc.

Add on top of this, a long length of “peace time”, relative luxury as a nation, advancements in consumerism, electronic entertainment, selfishness for pleasure. Also loss of interaction in safe environments like dances, proms, societal events, etc. Even if they were available to go to, we have spawned a generation that would not want to go to them. We have been trained to think they are “sad”, for “losers”, “not cool”….

People can often spend more time alone and at home than out with friends. It is a common theme. The art of interaction outside that of a noisy nightclub or outside of a drinking culture is perhaps being lost -especially if you are not into inane celebrity culture, X-Factor competitions, and consumerism.

To some degree I include myself as a sad and tragic by-product of this combination – and I see it in most of my friends of the same age, people in their early-to-mid 30’s.

Many people I know cannot drive a car (and have never had a single lesson to learn how to drive). Many still have to live at home, and are single because they either do not want to share their lives with another long term partner, do not know how to successfully do so, cannot afford it, or fear being taken for a ride financially if they take a chance with somebody (because they law tends not to be on their side). Even those who have had long term partners (unmarried) can suddenly ditch their partner in order to “play the field” before they are too old.

Money is tight, getting on the housing ladder is a nightmare – especially of you want to avoid the worst areas.

Many people in their 30’s are still interested in computer game consoles and shooting up pixelated aliens, buying Japanese comic books, 3d television sets, new iphones, etc, sitting around in their boxer shorts with a lager watching leftwing comedians on TV. Some of the old “ravers” on music forums are proudly still out there at 35+ trying to relive their clubbing heyday on hedonistic drug and booze weekends – even though some of them do have little children, which makes it even worse that they are doing that!.

The age which used to be deep into “adulthood” is now often more represented as being children themselves. This goes for men and women, although a lesser degree with women I suspect. We have been told, from birth, to go to school, get an education, go to college, go to university, ‘find yourself’ get a career – then settle down. Before you know it, you are getting “past it” – pushing 40 and no long term partner or children in sight.

People I know with degrees are working in retail for minimum wage and their time spent gaining a degree and putting their life on hold has not helped them get to where they want to be. Others are working in crummy jobs that they see no end in sight to.

Women are often working long careers, putting off child rearing until they start to panic that it is too late to have the “experience”. (Which is often a “one off” to fulfil that desire, and the relationship with the male often does not last).

Either we are the selfish victims of our own success – or the state of life has been purposefully engineered to present a new generation of whites with a system that is not conducive to furthering their survival. Perhaps a bit of both.

I have even had conversations with two close friends who are women, and they plainly stated that they never want to have children. That may change when they get a bit older, but they certainly aren’t in any rush or desire to raise a family at the moment – and it is not all down to financial costs, it is also selfishness.

Due to what I suspect as being down to societal pressure and expectations, many ‘non-gansgta looking’ Asians in my town seem to be married at 22, have one or two children and another on the way. My parents generation also seemed to marry young, early 20’s, got a place of their own – prefabs or council housing – and had two or three children before they were 32.

The generations are changing, things are being delayed, slowed down. Something is going badly wrong somewhere, and we are working to pay for the welfare and upkeep of immigrant families and their birth rates, rather than be able to keep it for ourselves and have our own!

The whole thing, the whole way society seems to have been set up, seems to be crazy.


While browsing some Nationalist blogs I happened upon this sad and well-put lament on the pathetic modern mind-set.  I hope the poster doesn’t mind that I reproduced his post here.  It is by “BritishActivism”.

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The title of this post would be announcing a mathematical impossibility if it was really the case that the “one child” policy in China, which was introduced over a quarter of a century ago, in 1979, had actually succeeded in halving the Chinese population during that generation.   While White European women are giving birth to around 1.3 children,  our population is shrinking.  China has only had a reduction in the population growth that they previously had.

It is not an all-encompassing rule because it has always been restricted to ethnic Han Chinese living in urban areas. Citizens living in rural areas and minorities living in China are not subject to the law.

Now that millions of sibling-less people in China are now young adults in or nearing their child-bearing years, a special provision allows millions of couples to have two children legally. If a couple is composed of two people without siblings, then they may have two children of their own, thus preventing too dramatic of a population decrease.


The Chinese official birth rate now stands at 1.7 per woman, but this in not a replacement level, let alone believable as a statistic when we know that the population is in fact still growing.  Someone is fibbing…

And who will explain this:

These statistics coming out of China’s housing boom are mind boggling. In a fortnight, enough houses are built to reproduce Rome. In a year, it would replace every house in Spain. In a decade it could just about build the equivalent of Europe’s entire housing stock, give or take Turkey. It’s this phenomenon that underpins the strength of resource-based economies like ours and any major reversal would have serious implications here. I spoke to the economist intelligence unit Stephen Joske who’s just finished a report on the Chinese property boom.


The article states that the rural Chinese are moving to the city, but still these figures suggest a burgeoning population.

China is undoubtedly limiting births.   Their eugenic policies are not highlighted very much though.  China understands eugenics – and we should be aware of what they are doing.

effective 1 June 1995. The amendment to the marriage law is contained in a new Maternal and Infant Health law. The law will require couples to pass a battery of health tests before they are permitted to be married. Persons who risk passing along serious ailments to their children are barred from marriage until they undergo long-term or permanent measures to prevent pregnancy. People afflicted with sexually transmitted diseases–including AIDS (acquired immune deficiency syndrome) likely will never receive permission to marry under the new law. People suffering from schizophrenia or manic depression will not be permitted to marry until treatment has successfully removed such conditions. The new law also requires the abortion of diseased or abnormal fetuses.


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FOR the female half of the population, it may bring a satisfied smile. Scientists have found that evolution is driving women to become ever more beautiful, while men remain as aesthetically unappealing as their caveman ancestors.

The researchers have found beautiful women have more children than their plainer counterparts and that a higher proportion of those children are female. Those daughters, once adult, also tend to be attractive and so repeat the pattern.

Over generations, the scientists argue, this has led to women becoming steadily more aesthetically pleasing, a “beauty race” that is still on. The findings have emerged from a series of studies of physical attractiveness and its links to reproductive success in humans.


That is good to know.  So remember ladies, if you are not having babies then maybe its because you are ugly!

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Ostracism is more powerful now than ever because people have fewer strong family and friend support systems to fall back on when faced with exclusion in relationships, the workplace or even Internet chat rooms, says a Purdue University social psychologist. “The effects of ostracism are a health concern,” says Kipling Williams, professor of psychological sciences who researches ostracism. “Excluding and ignoring people, such as giving them the cold shoulder or silent treatment, are used to punish or manipulate, and people may not realize the emotional or physical harm that is being done. Some purposely hurt others by not inviting them to a party or ignoring them at work, and others may not even realize they are ostracizing someone when they ignore a new temporary employee or a friend after a disagreement.

“In the past, people who were ostracized at work or by a friend could seek support and control through another significant relationship. But because people report growing more distant from extended family and relying on fewer close friendships, they might lack the support to deal with ostracism.”


Interesting how the point is made that this ostracism has far less, if any, effect on people from large families (unless of course it would be the family itself that excluded them). When parents only have one or two children [ especially when a whole race does this on average ] they never think how cruel they are being to their kids making them so much more dependent upon non-family members/peer group for social approval. And of course this has an impact on society creating people concerned to “fit in” with a crowd that often doesn’t have any benevolent intentions towards them, rather than having a close-knit tribe that they can be confident of being accepted in.

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A new study finds men who eat healthier diets such as fruits, vegetables and reduced fat dairy products, may also have healthier sperm.

“A healthy, well-balanced diet is not just important for preventing diseases like diabetes, high cholesterol, or hypertension, but it may be useful for preserving or improving your reproductive health too,” said Dr. Jaime Mendiola of the University of Murcia, the lead researcher on the study from Spain.

The study, published in the journal Fertility and Sterility, showed men with healthier sperm tended to eat more carbohydrates, fiber, folate, vitamin C and lycopene. They also tended to eat less fat and protein.



It’s truly amazing that there could be any debate over the fact that diet is vital for healthy sperm!  If you google you will find details over what is best to eat, such as the importance of zinc (eating pumkin seeds is recommended), keeping the testicles cool and unrestricted, etc.  I do hope all readers of this site are already fully aware of this!  Could it really be that there are men who are making determined attempts to impregnate their women without such basic knowledge?  Perhaps such idots are better out of the gene pool…

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Now, courting Indians makes courting blacks look like courting SPAM. All the First Peoples who trusted whites were killed off long ago, so we’re left with nothing but a very skeptical and uninterested population who would like nothing better than for us to get lost. I went to Pow Wows where I was ignored as the only white guy there, hung out on the rez—alone, and even endured a sweat lodge or two. (For the record, there is no suffering on earth greater than sitting in that damp, hot, tent, and I would not do it again for all the non-white friends in the world.) Eventually, I had ingratiated myself with one or two of them and even started dating a female Ho-Chunk. That’s when it hit me. A lot of people say they’ve done stuff for visible minorities, but how many of them have actually made some from scratch? If I married this woman, and we had babies, I could add members to her fledgling tribe. How’s that for diversity?

So I did it. We married in 2005 and have had two children since: Sophie Whiterabbit McInnes and Duncan Whitethunder McInnes.

Like so many Americans, I had embraced the deep-seated diversity that makes this country great. It’s hard to believe just two generations ago almost no whites married outside of their race. Today it’s… wait, that can’t be right, around 3 percent!?

According to the Census Bureau, only about 5 million Americans today are made up of two or more races. That’s 1.7% of the population. With a national average of 2 kids per couple, that means it takes just 2.5 million couples to make that 5 million or, more specifically, 1.25 million whites. There’s 211 million whites in America. The Census figures claim 3.5% of couples are mixed but even that measly figure seems high. Remove the sad nerds who married Asian women and the progressive chubsters who married black guys, and you’re damn near zero. So, WTF? Is any other kind of interracial marriage legal? I thought being an American was about embracing diversity. I feel like John Belushi in Animal House when he yells, “Who’s with me?” and goes charging out of the frat house by himself.

The obvious way to LOSE diversity is through the mixing of ehthnicities.  This man is very deluded.

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