We need more White children to be born to counteract the halving of the population with each generation and the aging population –  but the British government has struck a blow, in the budget, that can only serve to dramatically decrease our already halving birth rate. This is the equivalent of a weapon of mass destruction dropped on the White British population – even though we still will not actually be arrested for reproducing. That may come later.

The measures Osborne is expected to announce on Wednesday will cut £12bn from annual welfare spending by 2017. The consequence will be to pitch hundreds of thousands of children into poverty, and create homelessness, hunger and misery.



Germany is now discovering that the consume-now-and-to-hell-with-tomorrow business model does not work long term. It sells plenty of beer for the all-night party but makes no provision for the cleaning up. Germany’s high-consuming, childless couple, abortion friendly business model combined with cradle-to-grave early retirement welfare entitlements is simply not sustainable.


At least one group of people has a healthy birth rate in the White Race.  An average of 5 babies per woman.

In 2011, 1,118,622 women in the State reported that they had given birth to 3,242,385 babies, an average of 2.9
each. These figures include 5,820 Irish Traveller women whoreported that they had given birth to 27,197 babies, an average of 4.7 each. In 2006, the equivalent figure for Irish Traveller women was 5.0 babies.
Among 40-49 year olds (women who have typically completed their fertility) those with no children made up just 11.6
per cent of women amongst Irish Travellers compared with 18.7 per cent of women generally. 26.9 per cent of Irish
Traveller women had given birth to 5 or more children in stark contrast to just 2.6 per cent of women overall.
Furthermore, just over an eighth (13.0%) of Irish Traveller women had given birth to 7 or more children, compared
with 0.4 per cent of women generally.

The author of this piece laments how being married in your early 20s and having kids – if you are White – makes you seem like a strange phenomenon in this day.

In any case, money or no money, the good news is that marriage is free. Sure, the ceremony might cost you a penny or two or million, but married life doesn’t come with a specific price tag.

Neither do kids, incidentally. I know economists like to assign completely arbitrary cost figures to raising kids — I think it’s over a quarter million dollars now — but I can tell you unequivocally that it’s all nonsense. My parents raised six kids. By these calculations, they would have plunked down around 1.5 million dollars throughout my childhood.


More white Americans are dying than being born for the first time in modern history—suggesting minorities and newcomers will play an important role in fueling the population growth America’s recovering economy needs to thrive.


This news is especially alarming considering that people have an increasing life expectancy.  In other words, had the life expectancy stayed at 65 rather than 75 there would have been considerably more dying than being born many years ago rather than the statistic being delayed until now.

Nearly half the families in the country have just one child, according to an official analysis.

It found the number of one-child families has increased by almost 700,000 in 15 years, and they are likely to be in the majority within a decade.

The Office for National Statistics said larger families are under pressure because of ‘the greater challenge of combining work with childcare with three or more children compared with one or two’.

Those who wish to have more children simply go ahead and put that project ahead of financial concerns.  Those who do not do this have no genetic future.

SHOULD Scotland’s rapidly growing number of one-person households be seen as a sign of freedom or an erosion of society?

The latest analysis of the 2011 Census data uncovered an extraordinary rise in numbers living by themselves. In 1961 they accounted for just 14% of households. Today that figure is 35%, the largest single category of household type. It is the first time ever that people living alone make up more than a third of Scottish households. These solo households tend to be concentrated in Scotland’s cities, especially Glasgow where they account for 43% of households, making up more than one in five of the city’s population.


This article tries to put a positive spin on single person households.  Clearly this arrangement is worse than “an erosion of society”, but a clear example of complete collapse.  It is indicative of the death of a nation.